Microsoft Management

Make Microsoft Work for You

As a Microsoft-certified Solution Partner for Modern Workplace, we specialize in elevating your business with managed Microsoft 365 services, Microsoft license management, Azure management, and a suite of cloud solutions, so we can transform your Microsoft ecosystem into a dynamic asset for growth and innovation.

Your Gateway to Advanced Cloud Solutions

Challenges in harnessing the full potential of cloud-based solutions like Azure services, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft 365 apps often impede business growth. We address these complexities, offering specialized Microsoft management services to optimize your Microsoft suite and Azure environment.

You'll Gain:

Optimize your Azure portal experience and virtual machine management for efficiency and scalability.

Navigate the extensive offerings of Microsoft 365, including SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams.

Tailor your licensing and cloud solutions for cost-effectiveness and compliance.

Protect your Microsoft and Azure services with top-tier security measures.

Advanced Cloud Solutions
Microsoft Stream and web apps with our expert support

Benefit from our proactive approach with real-time manage and monitor capabilities for your Microsoft ecosystem.

Leverage Microsoft 365 and Office apps to their fullest potential, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Ensure seamless operation of your Microsoft Stream and web apps with our expert support.

Empower your team with the skills and tools to effectively use Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services.

Adapt your cloud app strategy to align with your evolving business needs.

The SparkNav Advantage

We go beyond a standard ‘lift and shift’ approach when it comes to your legacy assets, such as Local Exchange, SharePoint servers, and Active Directory. We assess your specific needs to ensure the right data, permissions, and workflows make it to the cloud, ensuring a secure, efficient, and futureproof solution.

By integrating our expertise in managed Microsoft services with a deep understanding of cloud solutions, including Azure portal management and Microsoft 365 apps, you can experience a partnership that elevates your business technology and more.

Gain comprehensive management of your Azure service, virtual machines, and Microsoft 365 suite.

Stay ahead with our cloud-based solutions, including SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and cloud apps.

Optimize your use of Microsoft Teams for effective team collaboration and communication.

Enjoy the benefits of integrated Office 365 services, tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Experience real-time management and monitoring services for quick and effective decision-making.

Enable users with the tools and knowledge to maximize their use of Microsoft services.

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Other Managed Services

Managed Cloud

Our experts tailor a cloud strategy to your business needs, offering seamless access and full management of your cloud environment. Enjoy the benefits of top-tier cloud services like Microsoft Azure without the technical overhead.

Managed IT Support

Providing proactive monitoring and rapid issue resolution, we enhance both productivity and security. Benefit from our dedicated help desk support for reliable, efficient IT management.

Managed Network

We offer reliable, secure, and scalable network solutions, optimizing performance while adhering to industry compliance standards, ensuring your business stays connected and protected.

Managed Security

Our comprehensive approach combines network visualization, insider threat monitoring, and endpoint security for a proactive, offensive strategy against cyber threats.

Optimize Your Microsoft Stack for a Better Business Future

Embrace the future of business technology with our managed Microsoft services. We’re dedicated to transforming your Microsoft ecosystem, ensuring it serves as a strategic asset that drives efficiency, security, and innovation.