Cyber Awareness Training

Empowerment for Every Employee

Every business faces unique cybersecurity challenges, but our cyber awareness training is designed to transform your team into informed, vigilant defenders against cyber threats, ensuring the safety and continuity of your business.

Secure Your Future

Schedule Your Complimentary Cybersecurity Assessment Today

Take advantage of SparkNav's limited-time, complimentary cybersecurity assessment, typically valued between $5,000 and $10,000.Tailored to your organization's size and industry, this is a decisive step in mitigating future risks. Don't question if a cybersecurity threat will occur, but when. With SparkNav, you'll be well-prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Create a Cyber-savvy Workforce

Recognizing that over 90% of cyberattacks stem from human error, our security awareness program is crucial in transforming your employees into an informed and vigilant defense against cyber threats because we know training isn’t just about sharing information security knowledge; it’s about fostering a proactive cybersecurity culture within your organization. So, we focus on the human element, the most vulnerable aspect of cybersecurity, to empower your team.

Through our training, your team will learn to recognize and avoid actions that could lead to data breaches, like opening a phishing email or mishandling sensitive information. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that every employee becomes a proactive participant in your cyber security strategy.

Robust Cybersecurity Posture

Enhanced awareness and understanding of cyber-attacks and current threats.

Regulatory Compliance

Knowledge to navigate tightening regulations and avoid legal repercussions.

Resilient Business Operations

Tools and strategies to maintain business continuity in a digital age.

Comprehensive Training Tailored for Your Business

Our security awareness training programs are not one-size-fits-all. We customize our training content to suit the needs of your business.

Our program includes:

Security Awareness Training Programs

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Other Security Services

Managed Detection and Response

Offering a proactive, integrated cybersecurity approach, our MDR service combines advanced monitoring and threat detection technologies.

Application Security

Securing applications, our Managed Application Control adapts to evolving threats with a continuously updated defense strategy and expert cybersecurity oversight.


Streamlining compliance processes, SparkNav delivers efficient logging, detailed reporting, and robust encryption, meeting standards like NIST, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, and HIPAA.


Our BCDR solution leverages cloud-based backups and ZFS technology for secure, reliable data recovery and continuity.

Give Your Team the Knowledge and Skills They Need

As leaders in the MSP space, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge, effective cybersecurity awareness training. Offering a transformative cybersecurity training program designed not just to educate, but to revolutionize your team’s approach to digital security, is just one part of the cybersecurity services we cover to ensure your sensitive data and computer systems remain protected.

Ready to take your cybersecurity to the next level?

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