Corporate Responsibility

Empowering Communities Through Service and Innovation

At SparkNav, we blend our technical expertise with a heartfelt commitment to bettering the environment and nurturing our community.

Our Approach to Sustainability

At SparkNav, we blend our technical expertise with a heartfelt commitment to bettering the environment and nurturing our community.

Carbon Neutral Commitment

We achieved carbon neutrality in 2021, but our journey doesn't stop there. We continue to implement strategies to minimize our environmental footprint.

Recycling with Purpose

We've transformed the fate of our hardware by repurposing for community benefit. From our desks to the hands that need them most, we ensure our technology lives on, serving a greater purpose.

Revitalizing Local Waterways

Our hands-on initiative has brought us closer to nature and our community. By clearing local waterways, we've fostered a healthier environment and a stronger connection with the environment we all share.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) are the foundation of our culture. We strive to create a workplace where every voice is valued, and every individual can thrive.

Digitally Preserving History

We’re dedicated to capturing and preserving the historical significance of cemetery records across the world. By utilizing technology, we take pictures of headstones along with their GPS coordinates, making these historical markers available and searchable from anywhere. Our collaboration with BillionGraves is aimed at keeping these important pieces of history alive and accessible, one grave at a time.

Every year, our team members and volunteers engage in this project with enthusiasm, using their phones to record and upload these digital memories. It’s a meaningful way to connect with our past and contribute to a legacy that will last forever.

Safeguarding History Through Digital Preservation

Sustainable Technology Initiative

Our commitment is focused on maximizing the utility of hardware, ensuring it serves a purpose until the very end. We actively engage in community upliftment through the recycling and reusing of equipment.

Each device we redirect from disposal to deployment not only conserves resources but also opens a door to new possibilities for learning and connection.

Supporting Local Needs

In collaboration with Safe Alliance, we've supplied shelters in the Charlotte area with tablets and computers, helping women and children enrich their lives through technology.

Extending Global Education

We've reached across continents to the Congo, providing laptops and tablets to schools there. These tools offer a bridge to knowledge and opportunities for children in regions previously without such access.

Empowering Future Generations

Believing in the potential of our youth, we’ve taken concrete steps to equip them with the resources they need for a thriving future. This year, we’ve been instrumental in establishing a new technology center at a local school. This center is more than just a room full of equipment; it’s a gateway for students to explore and master areas like technology, mathematics, and engineering.

By fostering this environment, we’re igniting curiosity and laying down a robust foundation for tomorrow’s innovators and problem-solvers. It’s our way of nurturing the bright minds that will shape our world, right here in our community.

Our Vision

Our actions are anchored in three main pillars.


We're passionate about eco-friendly initiatives that make a real-world difference.

Culture and Equality

Our aim is to mirror the rich diversity of the world around us within our own walls.

Using Technology for Good

We channel our skills to benefit the community and beyond.

A Force for Good

At SparkNav, every action and decision is driven by a deep-rooted sense of responsibility to our community and environment. We’re not just about providing services; we’re about creating a legacy of positive impact and inclusive growth. Here’s where our passion for technology and our commitment to a better world come together, sparking change, and fostering progress in every initiative we undertake.

We are SparkNav — where commitment to innovation and community goes hand in hand.