About Us

Your Partner in Technology and Security

Welcome to SparkNav…

As a specialized brand of the reputable SeedSpark family, we’ve focused our efforts on delivering top-notch technology and security services for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. With a legacy dating back to 2006, you can trust that our solutions are backed by years of experience and a steadfast commitment to our clients.

Our Mission

We commit to understanding the unique challenges of each partner, ensuring their technological foundation is both robust and future ready. We empower our partners to focus on their core endeavors, confident that their technology and security are in expert hands. Our mission is not simply to manage, but to elevate and safeguard, making every partnership a shared journey towards innovation and success.

Our Mission
An advantage of a team internationally recognized for its outstanding services

Our Roots

Being part of the SparkNav ecosystem means you get the benefit of a team that has been lauded for its services globally. We bring that same level of commitment and expertise to SparkNav, giving you peace of mind and dependable solutions.

What Sets Us Apart?

At SparkNav, we pride ourselves on a few unique differentiators that set us apart from the rest. We go beyond superficial solutions, asking the in-depth questions required to understand your specific needs and tailoring our services accordingly.

From staying ahead of technological advancements to adopting a holistic approach to security, we prioritize your business’s long-term success. Our commitment to transparency, continuous learning, and client partnerships ensures you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a growth partner fully invested in your success.

We Delve Deeper Than Surface Level Fixes

What Can You Expect?

We understand that simplicity is essential in technology management. From clear-cut product offerings to transparent billing, we’ve designed our services to be straightforward and effective. We shun the nickel-and-dime approach, opting for all-inclusive packages that promote collaboration. With SparkNav, we go above and beyond to help you experience ease, clarity, and a genuine partnership.

The Team Behind SparkNav

Chad Jenkins

Chad Jenkins

CEO, SeedSpark & SparkNav

Chad Jenkins has been a visionary leader, steering both SeedSpark and SparkNav toward innovative horizons. His long-standing relationships in the industry add a layer of trust and reliability to our services that are rarely matched.

Robert Griffin

Robert Griffin

COO, SeedSpark & SparkNav

As COO, Robert Griffin plays an instrumental role in aligning operational excellence with strategic goals by leveraging his decades of experience in enterprise leadership. With deep knowledge and expertise in security, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and AI, his insights are often shared through thought leadership channels, including LinkedIn and blogs.

Patrick Kinsley

Patrick Kinsley

Director, SparkNav

Leveraging more than a decade of experience in the managed services sector across a wide range of industries including healthcare and education, Patrick takes care of the daily operations of SparkNav, ensuring that we always deliver consistent and exceptional service to all our clients.

Let’s Embark on Your Technology Journey Together

We look forward to being your trusted partner in technology and security, today and for years to come.