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Transforming Barefoot & Company’s IT Infrastructure with SparkNav’s Cloud Solutions

Barefoot & Company


IT Infrastructure

Client Overview:

Barefoot & Company, based in Charlotte, NC, has carved a niche as a premium supplier and installer of shower doors, mirrors, glass, windows, screens, and other specialty building products. With a commitment to quality driving their operations and over 100 employees to coordinate, the availability and security of information are paramount.


Before partnering with SparkNav, Barefoot & Company’s disparate communication methods for job scheduling and material distribution led to inefficiencies and security concerns. The existing on-premises file storage and email solutions were due for an upgrade and did not meet the growing demands for a mobile and agile workforce. Additionally, the capital expense of upgrading their on-site systems was a significant deterrent.


The team at Barefoot & Company was hindered by outdated technology that led to scheduling mishaps and inconsistent information flow among crew members. The reliance on a mix of emails, phone calls, and paper notes was unsustainable, costing the company valuable time and resources.

SparkNav’s Solution:

To address these challenges, SparkNav provided Barefoot & Company with a suite of cloud server solutions and virtualization technology. This platform enabled off-site hosting of resources and offered an integrated environment for historical data, logistics planning, and hosted services. SparkNav’s solution offered a seamless, cloud-enabled user experience, allowing for efficient access to key files, resources, and collaborative logistics management tools.


The cloud server solutions and virtualization provided by SparkNav have revolutionized Barefoot & Company’s IT landscape. With multiple virtual machines on a single host server, Barefoot & Company has streamlined its business processes without the need for multiple physical servers. The proactive support and monitoring services from SparkNav ensure that aging equipment is identified and replaced in a timely manner, preventing potential downtime. The transition to a cloud-based infrastructure has not only safeguarded against on-premise equipment failure but also facilitated a more proactive IT management approach.

Client Testimonial

“SparkNav’s cloud solutions have been a game-changer for us. Their technology has not only improved our communication and job scheduling efficiency but also enhanced our data security. The move to cloud servers meant that our team could access information on-the-go without compromising on reliability or performance. SparkNav’s proactive support and virtualization strategy have significantly reduced our IT overheads and capital expenditures. We are now able to focus on growing our business without being bogged down by IT infrastructure challenges.”

Mandy Braswell, Office Manager | Barefoot & Company


SparkNav’s tailored cloud and virtual machine solutions have empowered Barefoot & Company to operate with unprecedented efficiency and reliability. The partnership highlights the transformative power of cloud computing in streamlining operations, enhancing mobility, and reducing costs for businesses in the building industry.