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Streamlining Microsoft Licensing and Device Management for MSS with SparkNav

MSS Solutions


Licensing & Device Management

Client Overview:

MSS Solutions, based in Charlotte, NC, is a company specializing in a variety of services and systems related to building infrastructure. Established in 1996, MSS Solutions has a significant focus on design & development, mechanical construction, custom fabrication, service & maintenance, and national services. Their systems expertise includes HVAC, building automation & controls, security system solutions, and fire alarm & life safety. The company serves a wide range of sectors, including industrial/manufacturing, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, hospitality, public facilities, and education campuses.


MSS faced significant operational hurdles due to an unresponsive Microsoft licensing provider. The inefficient process affected everything from onboarding new employees to the reconciliation of billing statements. Additionally, MSS sought to bolster its cybersecurity measures and gain real-time insights into its array of computing devices.


The challenges with their previous provider created bottlenecks in licensing management, leading to delays and potential compliance issues. Furthermore, MSS needed a robust antivirus solution that provided comprehensive protection along with swift, transparent reporting on the health and status of their devices.

SparkNav’s Solution:

To address these challenges, SparkNav engineered an intuitive dashboard-based licensing solution that empowered MSS with autonomous control over their Microsoft licenses. This system facilitated real-time auditing, user management, and direct procurement of Microsoft applications, effectively eliminating third-party delays.

Concurrently, SparkNav launched a state-of-the-art remote monitoring and management platform for MSS. This system incorporated a sophisticated ticketing system that interfaced seamlessly with SparkNav’s technical support team. The new setup enabled continuous monitoring of device status, geographical tracking, and remote troubleshooting capabilities, thus significantly reducing the need for on-site support visits.


The collaboration between SparkNav and MSS has matured into a robust partnership that champions proactive IT management. SparkNav’s dedication to preemptive maintenance, timely software updates, and strategic hardware upgrades ensures MSS enjoys a seamless and productive IT environment, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency.

Client Testimonial

“Their licensing solution provided us with the much-needed flexibility, allowing us to manage our resources more effectively. SparkNav’s remote management system stands out as a remarkable feature. It’s akin to having an expert IT professional available around the clock, ensuring that we receive immediate and effective assistance whenever required.

This unparalleled level of support has not only saved us considerable time and resources but has also empowered us to scale our operations confidently and efficiently. In our experience, SparkNav goes beyond being a mere service provider; they have become an indispensable ally in our journey towards success. Their commitment to providing high-quality, efficient solutions has had a significant and positive impact on our operations, making them a highly recommended partner for any organization seeking to enhance their IT capabilities.”

John White, Director of IT


The transformative solutions provided by SparkNav have enabled MSS to navigate the complexities of Microsoft licensing and device management with ease. The enhanced IT infrastructure and dedicated support from SparkNav have allowed MSS to focus on growth and innovation, with a reliable technology partner by their side.