Case Studies

Red Moon Marketing's Seamless Desktop and Mobile Device Management with SparkNav

Red Moon Marketing


Device Management

Client Profile:

Red Moon Marketing is a renowned marketing agency with a client roster featuring global giants such as Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, and Cub Cadet. The agency is a leader in crafting immersive event and experiential marketing campaigns.


Faced with the challenges of a dynamic event schedule that takes their team worldwide, Red Moon needed a robust technological backbone. Collaborating with SparkNav, they aimed to enhance their desktop, laptop, and mobile device management to support their nomadic work environment.


Red Moon’s highly mobile team relied on technology that had to perform without interruption. Device failures or technical issues often led to ad hoc troubleshooting by staff with limited IT expertise, resulting in lost time and potential financial setbacks.

SparkNav’s Solution:

SparkNav delivered a comprehensive device management solution, ensuring state-of-the-art laptops, desktops, and mobile devices were constantly updated, patched, and protected. A dedicated team of IT professionals was made available to support these technological assets, streamlining operations for Red Moon.


The implementation of SparkNav’s solutions marked a technological evolution for Red Moon. Regular monitoring and updates keep devices within a three-year freshness cycle. Seamless integration with Microsoft’s cloud services and with SparkNav’s managed services, device uptime is maximized, and any tech issue is swiftly addressed via phone or remote support.

Client Testimonial

“The partnership with SparkNav has revolutionized how we handle our marketing events. Their team is not just a service provider; they are problem solvers who understand the rhythm of our business. Their managed services are the silent heroes in our event success stories, offering us a level of confidence that no matter where our events take us, we have reliable and swift IT support. The efficiency and peace of mind they offer is invaluable — it’s like having an in-house IT team, wherever we are.”

Eddie Burklin, CFO


SparkNav’s IT solutions have afforded the Red Moon team the freedom to focus on what they do best: delivering unforgettable marketing experiences. With technological concerns off the table, Red Moon can now channel their efforts into creativity and client satisfaction, resulting in time and cost efficiencies.