Managed IT Services, Charlotte

Empowering Charlotte Businesses with Premier IT Solutions

As a prominent tech company in Charlotte, North Carolina, SparkNav is dedicated to delivering superior managed IT services. We pride ourselves on being a key contributor to the city’s vibrant technology sector, providing innovative IT solutions to enhance business success.

Advance Your Business with Specialized IT Expertise

Local Expertise, Global Standards

Leveraging deep knowledge of Charlotte's business dynamics, we offer IT services that align with global excellence.

Customized Solutions

We provide tailored technology solutions, ensuring they meet the unique needs of Charlotte-based companies.

Proactive Support

Our approach includes vigilant support services to prevent IT issues, ensuring consistent business operations.

Our Commitment to Charlotte's Business Community

We understand the unique challenges of companies in Charlotte. Our local team offers consulting services that ensure your technology strategy supports your business objectives.

Handling all aspects of your information technology needs, from network management to cybersecurity.

Improve your business flexibility with our cloud computing solutions.

Protect your business with our advanced security measures, critical for digital transformation.

Our local team provides advisory services

Latest Case Studies






MSS Solutions

Streamlining Microsoft Licensing and Device Management for MSS with SparkNav

Barefoot & Company

Transforming Barefoot & Company’s IT Infrastructure with SparkNav’s Cloud Solutions

Red Moon Marketing

Red Moon Marketing's Seamless Desktop and Mobile Device Management with SparkNav

Ecoscape Solutions Group

Ecoscape's Operational Renaissance through SparkNav's SharePoint Solution

Carolina Ingredients

Transforming Operations Through Strategic MSP Partnership

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Case <br> Studies
Case <br> Studies
Case <br> Studies
Case <br> Studies

Other Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Our strategies include robust data backup solutions, essential for long-term resilience, especially in the event of disasters.

Managed Cloud

Utilize the advantages of cloud computing with our services. We offer a wide range of cloud solutions, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

IT Support

Receive comprehensive support services, crucial for maintaining smooth business operations and long-term success.

A Trusted Local Partner for Your IT Needs

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, a cornerstone of our identity as a leading services company. We understand the unique challenges of both small businesses and large enterprises and are committed to providing solutions that cater to their specific needs. Our approach is built on a foundation of trust and expertise, ensuring that every client, regardless of size, receives the attention and support they deserve to thrive in today’s competitive market.